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Hey there!

My name is Frank; although I also go by Ley…

By night I am a novice broadcaster on and by day I help entrepreneurs with their video needs. I know, it sounds really conflicting doesn’t it?

Which makes me the perfect solution because I can help you if you are one of the two...

1. You don’t know the first thing about video editing and you thinking about it makes you want to get dental work instead


2. You’ve been editing your own, doing ok...BUT dear Lord! There’s always a new software update, changing industry standards, different formatting for social platforms...Gah!

I mean, let’s be real. You have this uber awesome business, do you really have time to be messing around editing your own shit? Do you really have the extra money just lying around to be soaked up by Adobe, Camtasia, or Final Cut Pro?

This is where I would love to step in and give you a hand. Allow me to take away this aspect of what’s on your plate so that you can do what only you can do. So why not click that button and schedule a free 30 minute Zoom call so that we can discuss your project?

What I Do



Video editing for entrepreneurs and content creators



The Tech Behind Streaming and Vlogging

How It Works


Prep Work

I want to make working with me as easy as possible. As long as everyone involved is on the  same page, then things should go down as smooth as your favorite beverage. Mine’s coffee, although Jack with Sky is a very close second.

Everyone enters this process the same, we gotta shoot the shit and have a Zoom call. This is important for both of us. Not to mention that no one likes to have their reputation tarnished, or be dragged under a bus. So, let’s be friendly and have a free Zoom call to discuss what your needs are.

After the call and if we feel like we are a decent working fit, I will send you a proposal if you have a long term project in mind, or an invoice if it’s something short. Either way, a portion will need to be paid upfront before any work gets done.

We will collectively decide on your DropBox or mine. Any and all materials should be in an easy to find folder. Please do include a ReadMe file with your special instructions. What I mean is if you have a branded set of text that you want used in your overlays if have any branded assets you will need to supply them. I typically use Camtasia and Adobe Premiere, so I would much like .mp4 files for your videos, .mp3 for special audio, and .jpeg for images. These materials will be discussed during our Zoom calls

I will get to work on your video, and give you back a watermarked version for review.


The Editing Process

As a guideline, you will be looking at a between 3 and 5 hours of editing for every 30 minutes of raw footage. This isn’t a set in stone practice, and there are just too many variables that come into play. Making video magic look good for you does take its toll in time. The more complex the project the more time it will need. Just a heads up so you know what you’re looking at; even if you don’t choose me.

Sometimes nailing a project takes a few tries; even Mr. Miagi gently taps the nail into the wood before giving it the single hit home. You aren’t paying for me to watermark your videos, and I am not just giving you a video without making sure that you like it. I make any possible changes that I can. Sorry, I just can’t make you look like Batman without you wearing the suit. If I could, I would be Batman… well Bruce Wayne. Yeah, I’ll be Bruce Wayne, you can be Batman.

When we have worked out any kinks, you will give me the title you want for the video, and tell me where you will want them used. I say this because, oddly enough, that YouTube videos are one dimension, Instagram TV is another dimension, and while you can get away with using either or for Facebook, there’s just some dimensions that work under different situations. I will then cut you a copy, without the watermark, and named with a title-version so you know where it goes.

At the same time I push out  a second invoice to collect on the back half depending on what our working terms are.

So are you as excited to get this ball rolling as I am? Hit that button and schedule your free call now!

Don’t Take My Word For It…Here’s What They’ve Said

Yesenia Swecker, The Social Boss Babe
The editing process has never been one that I enjoy.... then I found Frank! Working with Frank for my video editing needs was amazing. He was able to take my vision and infuse my videos with my brand look, feel, and create a video masterpiece. He completed the work in a timely manner and I was able to start sharing them right away. If you’re looking for a great video editor Frank is your guy!
— Yesenia Swecker, The Social Boss Babe


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